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Apple Vs Android CAJBD News Article- CAJ BD cajbd.com

Apple Vs Android CAJBD News Article- CAJ BD cajbd.com

Smartphones are the most common and widely used compared to iphones.Iphones are created with only Apple Brand so it holds a strong grip over it's software and hardware.On the other side, Android software is blessed by Google which is too much conventional to all the other smartphones.If someone gonna buy a phone and stuck between android or apple,they must check on some Core specs.As Apples IOS interface is easy to use where Android is basically linux based and open source.

However,The Iphone is more like a Status Symbol.Fanatic part is, the users are attraced to the Apple Brand more than the iphone software as a prestigious high standard symbol or a fashion accessory.This eccentricity leads many to choose blindly apple over android.well,there is no doubt Apple uses high quality hardware - software integration & more well built than smartphones. Here is some indepth quiries and some lot more important sides than the basic ones based on which a person can be fully confident about the worth of both apple and android-- 

1.The Media Transfer to a windows PC -- while using an iphone the media transfer is not possible from an apple store where an android is capable of connecting to a windows pc for data file movement.

2.APPS-- The default apps that comes with IOS such as safari, photos,apple maps are less advanced than the default google apps such as google chrome,google maps,google photos, gmail etc. from android.but overall the app store is well formed and the organization is better than the Play store. The number of apps it quite more in android than Apple.

3.CAMERA-- This is a catagory a little hard to differentiate.Because from the first,iphones had a very clear support from all in case of camera but many android flagships are now offering a great variance in camera and lense quality.Still some how it is proved that  most budget android camera quality doesn't come next to the iphone camera.

4. CHARGING and BATTERY CAPACITY-- The size of the battery used in iphones are smaller than the ones in android smarthphones.Despite having an advanced hardware and software extensions in order to increase the battery life,Apple couldn't outperformed android in this regard.Even there are many problems with the charging ability of the iphone generation after iphone 6 where the android are gradually casting more and more fast charging features in their latest models.

5.BACKBUTTON-- There is no backbutton on the iphone device.This is something iritating to the users who are used to it.However the back button on normal smartphones are far more comfortable while running using.

6.SECURITY-- Well,Iphones have the beat security providation without any question.It is a systematic phone that is created to be privacy oriented.The data providation and accesseability is far more secured in iphones than the smartphones.Google is a lot more friendly to open source.But 

7.EXPENDABLE STORAGE-- Iphones are not blessed with this features of using extra storage other than the mobile storage.Where many Android phones offers the extra SD card slot with dual sim at the same time.So while buying an iphone,one should be far sighted and buy one's favourable storage containing phone.

8.PHOTO BACKUP-- Google photo is an amazing default option used at android for keeping all the photo as it gives you unlimited free storage and automatically the photo will be back up at the google photos in it's original resolution.And iphone use Icloud as default where they use a limited storage of 5 gb.but however you can use google photo on ios but as people prefer default option more so android gets the point here.

9.CUSTOMIZATION-- The homescreen on iphone is not as customizable as the homescreen on android.Android provides larger personalization than Apple.

10.AFFORDABILITY-- Well,the last but not the least one.The most heated and emerging topic when buying a phone is the owners budget.And without any hesitation,the apple does not stand a very friendly position.It has always been the high end in the market in case of pricing.When it comes to large scale and vareity , android is the best ever.Well,One can spend money if they want to but being budget friendly, android possess as much good apps as iphone and the both operating systems are equally excellent.And in this one, Android is a clear winner.

11.RESALE VALUE-- Well,android phones though are budget friendly,but smartphones losses it's quality value as it been used more and more but iphones due to it's high static hardware and software compatibilty, the functions remains authentic even after one or two years of use.
Well,The winner is actually depends on the user.Ultimately, one should pick the things that matters to them most and choose one according to their needs.

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