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Impact of Social Media on the time of Corona Virus COVID 19 CAJ BD News Article

Impact of Social Media on the time of Corona Virus COVID 19 CAJ BD News Article

Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) is the new declared pandemic worldwide by WHO which has become a miserable threat to the existence of life. It is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-COV 2). The pandemic started at Wuhan city of china. And from the moment it became so easy to spread the whole country was locked down and so did the other countries worldwide as it started to spread country to country through travelers. Almost 100+ countrys are under locked down and people are being quarantined at their houses to prevent the spread .And At that time Social media is playing a key role in maintaining the bridge between corona virus update and awareness of people all over the world.
Social media is influencing the citizens regarding both bad and good side of this outbreak. Well, Social media is constantly moving on the time of such a global health crisis like corona virus pandemic from the very beginning. Now a days, Corona virus news are dominating over every social media including news channel which is allowed for all the people worldwide to keep updated and well-informed.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other websites are having a rapid load for the information about corona virus. Due to the quarantined period there are some rules that people are bound to obey and maintain if they want to prevent corona virus infection. Social media is the only way to deliver those terms to all the people in the world including rural areas. The use of musk, hand gloves and how to behave during this critical time and many more proper precaution & health care has to be maintained to prevent this pandemic,and all these sources are delivered to people through news channels like BBC,web sites of WHO & other social medias.Social media groups and news channels are updating their reports constantly just to make sure that each and every people around the world are informed about how much this issue have exceeded,how many cases are found,how many deaths have occurred and how many are getting recovered as well. Many new websites have been developed regarding covid-19 that is now used by thousands of people to get the latest updates. However,Social media is giving an immense response throughout the time in case of delivering the true contents about covid-19.

But there is a little bit of confusion on does every social media or does every updates of any social media credible? Well,apart from some reports,many social media is publishing contradictory news about the viruses spread,about the death count and mostly about the confirmed cases.There are thousands of posts and status in social media which contains 80% rumors about how the virus spread and how it is being contained throughout the world.As a consequence,people with little knowledge are being misinformed and they are misleading other people by the fake news which is creating a chain of people who remains uncontacted with the proper update. As people are communicating through social media during quarantined and if their only source to maintain social distancing keep giving such unauthorized news and misleading updates,there will be an another outbreak instead of surviving the present one.There are a number of news on the internet about the supposed cures of this virus where there are no authentic source of this news or no confirmed medicine have been identified by scientists that has approval by WHO or other Food and Drug Administrations & many conspiracy theories or more.

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