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Donation - A step Towards Mankind  CAJBD cajbd.com CAJ BD Article

Donation - A step Towards Mankind  CAJBD cajbd.com CAJ BD Article

An act of giving money or something goods of any sort to some one or any organization who are in need of those is simply called Donation. It can be anything that comes to aid of anybody.A donateable object can be many more other than money such as Blood,organ,foods,clothes,belongings etc.And it is not important to donate only in times of need.One can even donate their time to anywhere productive for the betterment of the humankind if they are not stable financially,of course it's always not the money u need to serve the donation purpose, it's the will of donating.

Generally,starting some charity or being the trusty of any organization by funding for their respective community on a regular basis is an enormously enriched donation. But that does not reflect the overall means of donation.it is more like personal donation.Unicef,Red criscent,unesco,who and many more famous public organization are raising their fund from various source to save millions of people around the world.Their work is not the result of one day.From ages they have been serving their honorable donation towards mankind.Latest Rohingya refugees are the best example of this.A revery broad prospects of donation conveys that even a tiny piece of paper can be helpful to someone, so keep donating whatever you can.But obviously Donation is always best at the time of critical needs such as the public health crisis like covid-19,Natural calamities like tsunami,flood,endoscopes,cyclone etc. and making funds raised by some college or school, donating the required blood group to save someone's life and what not.

Giving something is not about making donation, it is about making a difference to the world.It's a humanitarian aid which will not only make you humble and give the peace of mind but also your one step towards the huminity will keep raising the ethical value of hundreads & inspires all of them to donate something as well small,large whatever is possible.So basically it's like a chain which will spread worldwide.Thus people will lead one another to help themselves and eventually the whole world.

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