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Can Happiness cure your heart disease - cajbd health news

Can Happiness cure your heart disease - cajbd health news

Negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, hostility, depression may cause several heart disease. Even it may cause heart attack or stroke. On the other hand happiness seemed to protect the heart from such diseases. It is scientifically proven now that a happy man live longer than a depressed person. Naturally happy people also do experience depression and other negative emotions from time to time but those are usually situational. The tendency toward expression of positive emotion such as happiness and contentment is known in psychological circles as “positive affects”. In a research on happy and depressed people for over a 10year period researchers found that the happiest people were 22% less likely to develop heart disease. People with the most negative emotions had the highest risk for heart disease and people with the most positive emotions had the lowest amount of risk. It is proved that negative emotions are bad for heart but there was not any research that says happy people get an extra heart benefit. They usually don’t get heart diseases like the negative emotions people but that doesn’t mean they get more healthier heart. But on the other hand, there was another research that showed people who laugh more have a better life span than the gloomy ones. Happiness brings laughs and laugh makes the heart stronger and disease proof. Also laughing is considered as a great power for one. Laughing helps to keep the heart healthier. Happiness, joy and other positive emotions are essential for laughing and laughing is essential for the heart। Happier people may have longer periods of rest and relaxation, which puts less pressure on their bodies automatic reflex activities. Also, this happy phase helps them to recover from stressful events and body pains more easily. Happy peoples are also more likely to be energetic and athletic. So they do physical activities that improves their body strength and also their heart. So in conclusion, we can come to the point that though being happy don’t have any direct link with healthier heart or solving heart problems but it can help one to achieve other health and heart benefits which may solve heart’s problems.

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