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Daily skin Care routine Part-1 CAJBD CAJ BD News Article

Daily skin Care routine Part-1 CAJBD CAJ BD News Article

Skin care is simply a personal thing. Anyone can build up a skin care routine as per their choice and needs. No matter what your skin type is, everybody needs to maintain a proper skin care routine. Every days dirt and pollution needs to be out form the surface of our skin before it starts tk penetrate into our pores and came out as acne. one should prepare their daily skin care routine with such products that can be use regularly and dont triggers any allergic reaction or hypersensitivity. For instance, a face Scrubber and any exfoliator should not be kept in anybodys daily skin care routine because skin should not be scrubbed regularly. Too much exfoliation over dries the skin and make it more thin and make skin resistant to the sun exposure. Well, skin care routine must be prepared following the time patterns of the day. Morning skin care routine is to make the skin feel energize, fresh and healthy. Night skin care routine should be made with products that helps to remove the dirt & make skin clog pores free. Daily skin care routine usually becomes up to 5/6 steps or more. But three core steps are suggested by famous dermatologists so far that should be followed even if the whole routine goes skipped. They are

1.Cleansing- cleansing face with a proper mild cleanser helps to keep the skin dirt free, doesnt cause clogged pores etc. Cleanser must be applied on the skin according to the skin type. Acne prone skin & sensitive skin are the vulnerable ones if the cleanser doesnt suits the skin cell.

2. Toner- A Toner is something that should be used after cleansing the face and before putting something else in the skin.it is the new generation staff but very dominating one in terms of anti-pollution products. It balances the skin from outer surface to the inner surface by cleaning the extra unnecessary things from the upper layer of the skin. Two times use of toner can keep the skin super balanced and dirt free, or resistant to acne.

3. Moisturizing- After cleansing and toning, the skin might go a slight dry. That is why moisturizing is very important one in daily skin care routine. Because when skin remains dry for a while it starts to dehydrated internally and skin dehydration causes lower pH value which ends up in pale and rough skin gradually. So a moisturizing must be used as a regular basis.

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